Just want to thank you for getting the flowers to my daughter for her birthday today. They are absolutely beautiful. I will definitely be using your services in the future. Thank you.

Tracye S.

Firstly let me say that your web site is great. I've been searching for roses for my daughters wedding (next year) and yours is the easiest most user friendly site I've come across. Well done.

Anne C.

Wow!!! Honestly, the freshest flowers I have EVER received. The roses were great and my wife thought everything turned out beautiful! Thank you so much for making my wedding that much more special. :)


My parents used your roses when they arranged my older sister's wedding, and they liked it enough to get it for mine as well.  They really were AMAZING flowers that really changed the reception hall.


Great roses! On time, and they were perfect! Couldn't be more pleased. 


The roses were amazing, more than I ever dreamed of.  A week after the wedding, they are still perfect.  They were delivered exactly when they were supposed to be and they were on the phone immediately checking to be sure that the flowers were perfect.  I would HIGHLY recommend RoseSource.com and their wedding flowers.


Thank you! Your roses were awesome!


The roses were great. Delivered on time. Would recommend RoseSource.com to anyone. Great price. Just be prepared to have 5-6 empty vases available when you receive them. 

Ms. Rich

Good customer service. The roses were very fresh and kept for several days afterward.


The flowers arrived at my house the day before my wedding and they were so incredibly beautiful! They looked exactly how they look on this website, or maybe even better.  I was so impressed.  The instructions were easy to follow and the flowers stayed perfectly fresh for my wedding day.  I had so many compliments and I was so excited to have such beautiful roses.  The cost was a steal considering how nice the roses were. I would recommend RoseSource.com to any bride out there!


Everything was beautiful, thanks again!!!


The roses were beautiful! Thank you again for being there at a last minutes notice!


Everything was beautiful, thanks!


My friends told us to give RoseSource.com a call and we decided to go with them!  Great job on the flowers!


The flowers were everything I wanted, and it was not a bad price, and they were just lovely and they are easy to work with!!!


After looking around at multiple local shops, I am very happy we found RoseSource.com. Very good product selection, and beautiful roses; all at a price that beat the other local shops. Thank you so much!


We couldn't been happier that we chose RoseSource.com!  They made our wedding day so beautiful with their roses. The freshness of the flowers were amazing and we believe they did a really good job overall.  Highly recommended.


They made my wedding day so beautiful and romantic with their flowers. I really liked the price and it could save some of my budget, but I was worried about the freshness and intactness of the roses.  In the end, they did a very good job.  The flowers were more beautiful and fresh than I thought.  Everything has never been so perfect.

Jenna and Adam

Very calm and reassuring and extremely flexible.  In fact she saved the day.


The roses were great. It worked well in our wedding.  None of the flowers died out during the wedding. The cost of the flowers was pretty darn cheap but the quality was the best!


The flowers were gorgeous and the quality was good.  It was very affordable and looked very fresh throughout the wedding.  The service was good and I would recommend RoseSource.com to anyone.


The roses were very fresh & beautiful. My bouquet was perfect!


The flowers were not only affordable but beautiful.  They came packaged perfectly and the most beautiful flowers, they looked better than I had imagined.  The photos on the site did not do them justice.  Definitely worth the money.  I would tell any bride to get her flowers here.


It was a great value for the money.  They definitely came through in value and quality! The flowers were shipped mail order. At first my bride to be was very concerned with this process as any bride would, however she trusted my judgment and said "I'll let you make that decision, but if its not right, it'll be up to you to fix it." When the box arrived the roses were beautiful!  They were fresh and looked great! About ten minutes later the florist called to make sure that I received the package and that the quality was acceptable. They walked me through the directions even though they had directions in the box just to make sure that the flowers were all beautiful for our big day. I will always recommend them to anyone I know who needs quality roses for any occasion at a great, unbeatable price! 


AMAZING! This is the best place I found for flowers. I shopped around for a lot of hours and finally found them! They were great with contacting me and the roses were beautiful! I could not have asked for a better flower design. I can't keep track of all the compliments I got from my roses! You will not be disappointed if you book them!


The flowers were gorgeous and the quality was good. It was very affordable and looked very fresh throughout the wedding. The service was good and I would recommend RoseSource.com to anyone.


It was a pleasure working with RoseSource.com. The flowers were amazing and I couldn't have been happier with their service. I got so many compliments on the roses. You wouldn't be disappointed with them! Highly recommended!


Our roses were very fresh and looked fantastic. Our guests complimented them repeatedly, and we could not find a better price no matter how hard we looked. We were very pleased!


We chose them for our flowers, because they had a very nice selection. I was nervous about ordering flowers but everything turned out great. The roses were outstanding. They looked fresh as soon as they arrived at my doorstep.


Rosesource.com was suggested by a friend and we couldn't have been happier. Great roses, fair prices.


They have the best service and products and are trustworthy, I like the company. They are very useful and helpful.


My wife loved the flowers. In the wedding scene when the bridesmaids asked me where to find such a beautiful flower, I am happy.  Funny, it seems I still have people to support the choice. I also thank you for your service and advice.


Just an spectacular company. Their roses are beautiful and eye catching. Would never go with anyone but them.


The roses I got from my wedding here were very beautiful and also affordable. 


They were a great pleasure to work with.  My wedding date had to be moved sooner and I was absolutely panicked that I wouldn't be able to get the flowers in time for the ceremony.  I called them up and they processed my order early with no extra fees! I plan on recommending them to my little sister when its her turn to walk down the isle.


My wife LOVED her flowers, they made all of them for the ceremony and reception, and they were all beautiful!


Beautiful wedding roses!!!


Our friends highly recommended RoseSource.com and after using them for our floral arrangements at our wedding, we know why. Wonderful customer service, and the roses looked stunning; all at a very competitive price.


They were amazing. The quality for its value was outstanding. The flowers we ordered were delivered on time. When the flowers came I was amazed at how gorgeous it was. We would highly recommend them.


Amazing job! Very responsive.


Super convenient! Beautiful product! Very professional!


I was really impressed at the variety of roses available. It was probably the best place to look for roses.


The roses we got from them were absolutely amazing, and everything was such minimal hassle. The service by them was perfect, and everything turned out great.


It was the most beautiful bouquet. Our family all love it. It made the wedding that more beautiful. I could not have asked for more! Wonderful flowers! Thanks.


My roses were amazing, they arrived on time, the care was simple, and they lasted for weeks after the wedding! 


Great selection of roses. Very helpful and less stressful than a regular florist.


My flowers were wonderful, I love them. Excellent service as well.


Beautiful flowers, great price, what more could a girl want?


First of all, my wife loved the roses. Now, I'm not a guy that is into these things, but once I saw my wife's face, I was incredibly happy with them too. If you read this, I THANK YOU. You did a great job, very professional. Flowers were greatly placed, and chosen.


After nearly 3 years of admiring the roses on your site, I found one I just had to have, so I talked my boyfriend into it for my Valentine's this year. They were late because he was late to get around to ordering... I have to say, though... they were worth the wait! He ordered me 2 dozen of the Rainbow tinted roses. I am absolutely head over heels for them. They arrived so carefully wrapped and beautifully fresh. Thank you, to your entire company, for the care that was put into this. Sincerely.

Amanda Wao

My Mom, who is turning 93 on Tuesday, just received her 100 roses and called me in tears to tell me how wonderful they are. She said she's never seen such beautiful flowers.


After much searching and comparing to other online flower vendors, I committed to purchasing all of my flowers for my wedding from RoseSource.com. The delivery date came and they arrived exactly as promised and I was absolutely THRILLED with my purchase! I would not hesitate for a second to order anything from this company again and am trying to find reasons to buy more flowers just because I was that pleased with the quality and customer service as well! The shelf life of these roses was also really impressive--never have I had roses last so long! You will not be disappointed! Have confidence in placing your order because I sure would again!

Sara O.

This is the site that sent us the 200 beautiful white Ecuadorian roses for a Life Celebration in May! They arrived in excellent condition, dethroned, not a bruise on them! You saw how stunning they were! I cannot say enough about the customer service! As wonderful as the roses! ♥

Gloria C., CA

Just wanted to let you know that 100 beautiful roses arrived on schedule for my niece's birthday. She was delighted which, makes ME delighted. Thanks for making it such a special day.

Bill O.