Terms & Conditions

RoseSource.com does not broker or store flowers as our production is only pre-sold from the farms. We stand behind our product 100%. Please remember, flowers that arrive direct from our farms in South America need to drink water to re-hydrate after the long flight. This process typically takes 6-8 hours. Upon receiving your flowers, immediately cut the stems ½ inch from the bottom, place in cool fresh water and remove any leaves that remain below the water. You may want to remove 3-4 guard petals from the rose head if necessary. Every 2 to 3 days, change the water and re-cut the stems ½ inch. Fresh water and fresh cuts on the stems are the key to longevity. Once hydrated, our flowers will amaze you with their gorgeous blooms and longevity. If, however, after proper hydration and within 24 hours of shipment, you experience a problem with the quality of the flowers, we request you email us (info@rosesource.com) digital photography along with a written explanation as to the nature of the problem. We will promptly review the issue. If necessary, we will issue a Return Authorization Number for your flowers to be returned to us. Alternatively, we may replace the flowers or issue a credit for a future purchase. A 25% cancellation fee applies on all orders not yet shipped or packaged. No cancellations are allowed once flowers are packaged and/or shipped.

As is standard industry practice, please remember that RoseSource.com will not accept claims for more than one box per shipment and all original contents must be included with your return. Customer accepts responsibility to arrange to be present or have someone else present when FedEx driver delivers flowers. If customer chooses to have flowers left without signature, this request needs to be arranged by customer directly with FedEx by calling 1-800-GO-FEDEX. RoseSource.com cannot act on your behalf for delivery exceptions. Specific flower varieties are not guaranteed. In the unlikely event we need to replace a variety, we will do so with the closest alternative available on our farms. Your decision to purchase from RoseSource.com confirms your acknowledgment and acceptance of our policies.